Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quinton one year later.

So I recently did another shoot of little Quinton! I took his photo's about a year ago. The shoot went awesome! He's such a funny kid and seemed to dig the whole photo thing hah.

Here's a photo of him from the first shoot like a year ago...

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And here are a few from the most recent shoot

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Yep, that's it for now.

Ohhhh... I've really been into Amos The Transparent lately... check them out!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mooorreee pppeeeopppleeee.

Hey! I edited some more photos.

They were both from the same day as the shot of Shamus and Danielle in my other posts.

Another one of Jaden.

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Here's another of Danielle from the shoot. It's so genuine! ahah awesome.

Image Hosted by

Also, I was looking through my Deviant Art (a website that I love) and noticed my progression since I joined the website 3 years ago.

This is around when I started first becoming really interested in photography.

And this is todays page.


You can see the way I went almost 100% portraits. Kind of funny. I think my interest in people drives my loving for portraiture. I still feel that I should venture into some other areas. Possibly some still life and more environmental shots.

Hey, I haven't really posted any of my still life on here. Want to see one?

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K, cool.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Nature adventures!

Okay. So me and one of my best pals Justin have a tendency of heading into the forest after a good night with friends. We wake up, chug some water, do our classic "recaps", than decide where we're going to "poke around" that day. Once we get there we usually start openly proclaiming how good of a day we're having and how it's "THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!".

Something about being out in nature and having no goals but well... walking farther in. Exploring! Feels great.

Basically i'll just tell about these adventures with pictures.

One of our first adventures was after a big night partying with friends. We woke up and decided that our destination for the day would be Gatineau Hills. I first found out about Gatineau Hills when I went on a field trip during first year of college. Such a beautiful place.

Image Hosted by

In this is my roomate Jaden, Beav, and Justin. Notice Justin's pose... you'll see it again hahahah.

Next adventure we went on was to camp fortune north of Ottawa to take mountain biking photos (See last blog update for photos). It was SO awesome! We ended up tailgating for a while here and there and just climbing the mountain watching the bikers rip down like it's their job. It was cool to be opened up to a whole new sports scene.

Here's a photo from on top of the mountain.

Image Hosted by

There's his pose again. Also in the image is two friends Harry and Beach. Beach is "pretending to chainsaw Harry".

Another popular place we like to go is Mac Johnson which is north of Brockville. Recently we woke up one morning and one of our first conversations was about how were were going to head to the beaver pond. I don't know why we chose that specific place that day but well... I like to think it was fate. When we arrived we found this little sign right beside the beaver pond.

Image Hosted by

After reading it Justin asks "What's the date today?". Yep, it was October 10th, 2009. That means the pond was made that exact day 93 years before. SO cool.

Here's a photo of the walkway over the beaver dam.

Image Hosted by

Yeah, cool.

The next day we decided to hit up Lyn Falls. Woo for waterfalls. At one point Justin and my other friend Mike decided they wanted to get to the other side of the waterfall. I thought this was a bad idea (especially with my bag and equipment) so I decided to stay on the safe sidel. Here's a little series of them getting over it. They could have been really hurt hahah.

Getting down to it...

Image Hosted by

Mike jumps and almost goes off the other side of the landing...

Image Hosted by

Justin jumps...

Image Hosted by

They make it... (notice the pose)

Image Hosted by

Yeah... their idiots.

So, here are just a few random other shots from Lyn Falls...

Image Hosted by

Yeah, we like to take some brews with us when we go.

The pose in the woods...

Image Hosted by

And I edited a version of that... his beard makes him look right at home in the woods...

Image Hosted by

And climbing falls...

Image Hosted by

Oh, waterfalls? Here's a nice picture of a waterfall..

Image Hosted by

Apparently I have a good time too...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Okay, that's all.

I encourage you all to go take a walk in the woods ASAP. It's getting winter! Go enjoy the weather before it gets too cold!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bicycle sports.

So, what's new?

I finished re-reading the last harry potter book? It was better the second time I read it. I'm SOOO amped for the movie to come out.

Okay, well I recently went to Camp Fortune with a few good friends to photograph some mountain biking. Saying that I bet you can guess what I'm about to post.


Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Big thanks to my friend JD for letting me borrow his camera for the day!!

If you like those photos you can go to my website than go to the people > Sports section and check out some more from the day! There's equally as awesome photos - some of other people and sports too!

I also changed the background photo of my website to the photo of Danielle. I think it may be the best background yet.

uhm... the video of the guys playing through the school was a big hit! Everyone seems to enjoy it. It makes me want to do more video. Hopefully expect another one in the next month. Probably something else that has to do with music.

Okay. Check this out. It's one of my favorite videos ever...

So yeah! Don't forget to check out the changes on my website! The new background and even more awesome biking photos under the sports section.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

So... what's new?

I'm working at Blacks photography part-time now. It's interesting teaching old people about cameras. I met a really nice lady the other day and sat with her for an hour showing her the Nikon D5000. She was so excited about the "Macro setting".

I don't have too much to say.

This is a quick portrait I did of our friend Shamus. It was done right before I shot Danielle. He recently moved to Toronto - another reason I want to take a trip to Toronto.

Here he is.

[Image Hosted by
By DylanLeeder

There should be an Image of Jaden with the same feel up soon.

Also, I did a video of him, Jaden and Thomas playing some music walking through Algonquin College. I've been getting more and more interested in video making. It isss moving pictures. hah

Check it out...

Uhmm... maybe i'll update again soon. ENJOY!